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Passionate About All Things Beauty

When I was younger, I would always take my moms lipsticks and the little wands that came in her eye shadow compacts and play with them in my room. All the colors, designs and shapes were always so fascinating, and who knew it would become what I'm most passionate about!

I have been able to see and do so many wonderful things in life. From traveling to Italy and getting a diploma through a haircare brand, to getting my first magazine cover and 5-page spread. The best part of the beauty industry is that it's ever-changing, ever-evolving and so exciting to be a part of. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming, thankfully I can keep up! I have a passion for making men and women their most authentic-self, with a touch of glitter of course.

I am ready to make you the best version of yourself and really make you see the man/woman that you truly are. From the lightest lipstick to the darkest smokey eye, I can do it all. It would be a pleasure to assist you in all things beauty. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and if you need someone to make it even better, give me a shout!


  • Protege Academy of Cosmetology diploma

  • Advanced training from multiple makeup/skincare brands

  • Kemon haircare training diploma

  • 5-page spread in Quest Magazine

  • Feature in Ouch! Magazine

  • Front page of Vanquish Magazine

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